Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Holy Cow!

I can't believe it's been October since I've posted!
Well, our holidays are never terribly exciting, working in retail I spend most of the Christmas season at work! We did get together with family on Christmas Day for brunch at the Four Seasons. Here is a picture of us with Michael's sister Emily and her husband Russ.

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Brunch at the Four Seasons has become a holiday tradition for both of our families. I believe it was started by Michael's grandparents (Paul and Mary) but was continued by Michael's parents. They invited my family along and my family never misses out on a chance to eat a fancy meal at a fancy hotel! Last year my mom and I were terribly sick and didn't really get to enjoy it. This year we more than made up for not enjoying last year!
We also had a book exchange at Paul and Mary's home. What a great idea for a Christmas gift exchange! I got The Brain that Changes Itself by Norman Doidge. I love anything related to brain science and this book is extremely interesting. The human brain is an amazing thing. :)
In other news, my grandmother spent Christmas in the hospital, she was in the hospital for about a month. For those of you who don't know, Martha Ann is battling cancer for the second time and is not reacting too well to the chemotherapy. But thankfully she is back at home and feeling better.
In pampering news, my mom and I visited the Bliss spa at the W hotel in downtown Dallas as part of my Christmas gift. What a great experience, I will definitely be back!
And my very favorite gift...
An 80GB Zune! I'm beyond obsessed!