Sunday, April 20, 2008

Poor us :(

It's been a rough week in the Baker household. First I got sick. I thought it was just allergies, because mine usually are pretty bad around this time of year. (I know I shouldn't spend so much time outside, but it's been too darn pretty to stay inside!) But then it got worse, it must have been a bad cold.
This weekend Michael and I were supposed to go out to a ranch party. I ended up deciding to stay home at the last minute because I still wasn't feeling too great. Michael left Saturday afternoon looking forward to shooting skeet and hanging out with the guys.
Early Sunday morning Michael called saying he wasn't feeling well, he'd been up all night throwing up and was having bad stomach cramps. Elliot drove him home and I took him to the hospital to get him checked out. Luckily, it wasn't anything serious, the doctor said it was probably a virus and then he just got really dehydrated. He got some IV fluids, anti-nausea medicine and a little morphine. He felt *much* better after that.
Well, we are going to rest up!
Happy early birthday to Michael, his 27th is this Thursday!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Photo meme

1. Go to
2. Type in your answer for each question into the Photobucket search bar.
3. Only use the first two pages. Choose your favorite photo to represent your answer.
4. Copy the html and paste it here.
5. You can only answer in picture form.

What is your name?

When is your birthday?
Haha, it's March 27 but some weird pictures popped up when I typed that into the search. This one's my fave. Klassy!
Reception 21

What kind of car do you drive?

Where did you go to school?
Attending the University of Texas at Dallas

What is your favorite season?

What is your favorite type of shoe?
No Boundries Metallic Wedge Sandals

What is your status?
Married in 2006

What's your favorite movie?
The Big Lebowski

What's your favorite song?
Having walked quite a bit, it\'s time for the first stop. Put the Hoya IR filter on and take this handheld picture as fast as you can!

(It's "Take a Picture" by Filter)

What's your favorite Disney character?
Sleeping Beauty

What is your favorite vacation destination?

What is your favorite dessert?

What is your favorite drink?

What are you most afraid of?

What's your favorite TV show?
The Simpsons

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Time to celebrate!

Last week was my birthday, I turned the big 2-5! I feel old... :)
My actual birthday was pretty low-key, we did go out to dinner with the parentals (both sets) the day after, which was fun! Since the weather had been nice, I wanted to go to Patrizio to sit on the patio. However, the night we went was cool and drizzly so we ended up cramped inside. Oh well, dinner was great as usual!

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And of course right after my birthday is our anniversary! I can't believe it's been two years already. I couldn't get out of working late that night, but Michael had a gift waiting for me when I got home. Champagne and flowers- what more could a girl want?

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And just to reminisce:

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P.S: To follow up on my last post, I got the sideswipe as a birthday gift, yay!!!!