Friday, July 31, 2009


Sorry about the lack of posts! I have been buried alive in work and I fear that I may not be able to claw myself out. Michael has been plugging away at summer school and it looks like he will be able to transfer into UTD this spring. I am so excited that we will have the same alma mater!
I have also been reading like crazy. I just finished Julie and Julia and My Life in France in anticipation of the movie coming out next week. I also just re-read Middlesex and I think I liked it even better the second time around!
Working out is still going well. My work schedule has been really erratic so I have been doing different things every week. (I went running outside yesterday for the first time since Race for the Cure and I will not do that again until the weather cools off!)
Well, we were hoping to get away for a little vacation but school and work schedules have unfortunately gotten in the way.