Friday, October 17, 2008

I survived!

The surgery went quickly, even more quickly than originally planned. The anesthesia wasn't as scary as I thought it would be, I felt like I had just closed my eyes for a few seconds.
My cheeks are swollen and it definitely hurts to chew, but I should be feeling better by the time I go back to work on Monday. I think it actually worked out better to reschedule the surgery, since I have an extra couple of days off this way.
I have already read a stack of magazines, finished The Other Boleyn Girl (great book!), started Blink (by the same author of The Tipping Point) and watched The Pursuit of Happyness. I also started the movie version of The Other Boleyn Girl but it seems to deviate a lot from the book so I'm having a hard time getting into it.
Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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