Sunday, September 2, 2012

Dallas Marathon Training: Week 7 Complete

Last week's workouts:
Sun 8/26: Yoga for Runners podcast, 25 min
Mon 8/27: Gaia Flow Yoga, Ocean practice, 90 min
Tues 8/28: Rest
Wed 8/29: Detox Yoga podcast, 20 min + strength training
Thurs 8/30: 2.32 mi run, 25:45
Fri 8/31: Yoga for Runners podcast, 25 min
Sat 9/1: 9 mi lake loop + 5 mi "race" (didn't race, just ran)

I went for a little "test run" on Thursday and my leg was feeling much better, not quite 100% but better. I felt confident that I could make it through my Saturday run.

I'm not sure on the time for our 9 mi loop, but I finished the 5 mi DRC Breakfast Bash 5 mi race in 54:46. I purposely kept my pace slow and only stopped at one water stop to walk and stretch. So Saturday was a new distance PR for me, 14 miles total! I guess all my long runs will be new distances after this point. :)

This week is another play-it-by ear week! On Wednesday night, we head to Galveston and Thursday morning we board a cruise to Cozumel! We are so excited for the vacation but the best part will be seeing our close friends Scott and Laigha get married.

The ship has a fitness center and an outdoor track so I will try to get in some workouts but I am not going to plan ahead for the days on the ship. Last week was actually supposed to be only 5 miles per our training plan but I knew I would not be running 14 miles on the ship, so I got that mileage done already!

So here is my abbreviated plan for the week:
Sun 9/2: Rest
Mon 9/3: 35 min recovery run
Tues 9/4: 1 hr DRC group run
Wed 9/5: Yoga

Have a happy and healthy week!

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Kristin (kekis) said...

You go, RB! Keep up the good work!!!