Sunday, October 28, 2012

Dallas Marathon Training: Week 14 Complete

Last week's workouts:
Sun 10/21: 25 min yoga (Yoga for Runners podcast)
Mon 10/22: 3 mi easy + power yoga upper body strength training
Tues 10/23: 1 hr run (not sure if I'll tackle mile repeats or take it easy again)- I did a tempo run with the 4:30 group, 10 min warmup; 15 min @ 10min/mi; 5 min recovery; 20 min @ 10 min/mile
Wed 10/24: 3 mi easy 20 min yoga podcast, Hip Opening Flow
Thurs 10/25: 60 min run 3.1 mi run, 35 min
Fri 10/26: Off
Sat 10/27: 20 mi easy 20.54mi, 4:07:45, avg pace 12:03

When I say "easy," I am referring to the pace. Trust me, there is nothing easy about 20 miles! The 4:30 group was awesome, both the pace leaders were out (one with an injury, one was running the Marine Corps Marathon) and everyone stepped up to the plate and worked as a team to get in our 20 miles. I still can't believe I did it! I could have cried afterwards, but I was just too tired.

I am still very nervous about the actual race. Twenty miles was tough, my legs were sooooo sore and I was mentally drained. I can't imagine still having to run another 6 miles after that.

I am planning on finishing the season with the 4:30 group. I think I am just not in 4:10 shape and it was an ambitious goal for my first marathon. So many people have told me to not even have a goal time, to just focus on finishing, so that is going to be my only goal.

This week's plan:
Sun 10/28: YMCA Fired Up! 5K, 34:33 (a new PR... for slowest 5K time!)
Mon 10/29: Yoga
Tues 10/30: 1:10 mile repeats
Wed 10/31: Rest
Thurs 11/1: 1:00 easy run
Fri 11/2: 40 min easy run OR bike + upper body strength training
Sat 11/3: Yoga
Sun 11/4: Dallas Running Club Half Marathon

I'm a little nervous for the half marathon, my legs have not been in good racing shape, but I will try my best!