Sunday, July 21, 2013

Dallas Marathon Training: Week 1 complete!

Last week's workouts:
Sun 7/14: Too Hot to Handle 15K (race goal: don't die) 9.3 miles, 1:39:19
Mon 7/15: Hot yoga (60 min)
Tues 7/16: easy 3-4 miles (our training orientation is that night, not sure if I'll fit in my run that morning or while I'm down at the lake for orientation) Run was rained out, so this turned into a rest day
Wed 7/17: Hot yoga (60 min) OR easy 3 miles in the a.m. (32:40) and ran/walked at the Run On social run in the evening (2.85 miles, 39:00)
Thurs: 7/18: Rest Upper body strength training
Fri: Easy 3-4 miles 3.34mi, 37:37
Sat: DRC Kickoff Run, I think we'll be doing 6-7 miles 7.13 mi, 1:17:55

I was so worried about the Too Hot to Handle 15k, July in Dallas is usually crazy hot this time of year. I planned from the beginning to just take the race easy and not "race," just run it. Brandon ended up having the same goal, so we decided to start together. The race started at 7:30 at Norbuck Park, which is on the North side of White Rock Lake. I got there about 7:00 to park, but the race was much bigger than I expected! I ended up parking much further away than I'd planned, so Brandon and I didn't find each other until the 15k was just starting. (The 5k started after the 15k, which was a good way to avoid congestion at the beginning.)

We really lucked out on the weather, a storm system moved in early in the morning. The temperature dropped (75 degrees and 65% humidity) and a drizzle started as I was parking. Luckily, I keep a baseball cap in my car just in case, so I grabbed that to keep rain out of my eyes. I'm glad I did, as the drizzle continued throughout the race and ended up picking up afterwards. The cap is cotton, a tech one would have been even better. In fact, we got caps as part of our race packet and I wished I had that one! Turned out it wouldn't have helped, when I tried it on later, it was way too big for my head so I gave it to a friend.

Brandon and I ended up running the entire race together, keeping an easy, conversational pace and chatting the whole time.

The race was great, plenty of aid stations (I think 10 in total) with plenty of water and Gatorade, some stations had Cytomax. A lot of the aid stations also had misters, which would have been great if the weather had been as hot as usual. We saw several friends along the course as well.

Afterwards, there was great food and lots of people! I found Kim, Alyson and Jessica and we hung out with them while we checked out the afterparty. We had a delicious breakfast scramble from My Fit Foods (turkey, egg whites, rice and spicy pico de gallo...must recreate!) and some samples from Clif. Unfortunately, they were out of women's xsmall and small finisher shirts, so they took my bib number and told me they would let me know when more were available. (This same thing happened with the Too Cold to Hold race; it only took a couple of weeks for them to come in.)

With our medals. (Thanks for the picture, Kim!)

After a great race, I was super excited to start marathon training! Our first group run on Saturday was great, a hot and humid but fun run. Brandon and I are in the same group (4:10), as well as my buddies Jessica, Jeanette and Jackie. Brandon and Jackie couldn't make the first run, but I had a great time running with Jessica and Jeanette as well as getting to know some new faces. Our pace leaders are Clay and Kristin, I have seen them around at DRC events and I look forward to getting to know them. We also have coaches that will rotate through the groups, so we will have lots of support as we train.

I got our training plan this week. In addition to our Saturday morning long runs, we will run with our group on Tuesday nights. The first few weeks will be base-building, mostly easy runs to build endurance. After a few weeks, we'll do more speed work, tempo runs and track workouts. We are scheduled for a total of 5 running workouts a week, so three of these will be on our own.

This week's plans:
Sun 7/21: Hot yoga (60 min)
Mon 7/22: Base/easy 30 min run; hot yoga (60 min)
Tues 7/23: Base/easy 50 min run (with my training group)
Wed 7/24: Recovery 45 min run
Thurs 7/25: Base/easy 50 min; lower body strength training
Fri 7/26: Rest
Sat 7/27: Long run, 8 miles

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