Sunday, December 8, 2013

Dallas Marathon: Canceled

Dallas has been hit by a major ice storm. As a result, the Dallas Marathon sent out this statement on Friday afternoon:


Safety of our participants, as well as our volunteers and spectators, is our primary concern on MetroPCS Dallas Marathon race weekend.

We met this morning with officials from the City of Dallas, Dallas Police Department and the Office of Special Events to assess the situation. Due to current weather conditions, and forecasted conditions for Saturday and Sunday, as of today at 12:40 p.m., the decision has been collaboratively made to cancel the 2013 MetroPCS Dallas Marathon.

We regret that the race will not go on as planned, but are confident this decision is in the best interest of our runners, volunteers, spectators and the general public.

Additionally, the MetroPCS Dallas Marathon Health & Fitness Expo for Friday and Saturday has been canceled."

It was such a disappointment for those of us who worked really hard training. In addition to the runners, I can't imagine the frustration of the marathon's board who have worked all year to put the event on. But they made the right choice, the conditions are too dangerous and would require diverting resources away from people still without power or highways that are still shut down.

I tried to venture out on Saturday and slipped and fell on the ice on the driveway! I landed pretty hard on my left hip (thankfully not on my tailbone) and am still store today, but I think it's just a bruise, nothing serious.

So after a weekend to weigh my options, I decided to sign up for a marathon next weekend! I will be running the Whine Not Another Marathon here in Dallas. It is a small race (capped at 50 runners) and consists of 8 (!) loops around Bachman Lake. This should be interesting after my extended taper and hopefully I'll be feeling better after my graceful fall.

This week's plans:
Sun 12/8: Rest (I've done lots of stretching and foam rolling today)
Mon 12/9: Yoga (and a short run if the streets in my neighborhood are thawed)
Tues 12/10: 9 mi lake loop
Wed 12/11: Rest or yoga
Thurs 12/12: 30 min recovery run
Fri 12/13: Rest
Sat 12/14: 2 mi
Sun 12/15: 26.2 mi!

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