Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Over the hump...

Well, we are halfway through the year. How is everyone doing on their New Years' Resolutions?

1. Relearn French. I did a couple lessons and then when I rebuilt my computer I lost Rosetta Stone. I haven't downloaded it again.

2. Try some new recipes.

I have tried out a few new things. Unfortunately things have gotten so busy at work that I have not had much time to cook in the last couple months. I have made some healthier quick-dinner choices, though. I discovered Whole Foods has pre-marinated chicken breasts in handy two-person serving sizes.

3. Work up to running 12 miles a week.

I was a little ambitious with this goal. I have been running regularly since the beginning of the year and have run two 5k's. However, it will take me a while to work up to running that much. Between work, yoga class and Muscleflex, I can only run about 3 days a week. I think it's a psychological block, but once I hit two miles I feel like I can't keep going.

4. Read 25 books.

I am on #8 so I have some catching up to do! I have read some really good books this year. Is anyone else on If so, friend me! Right now I am reading Bill Bryson's In A Sunburned Country. Since we are not going to be taking a vacation this year, I figured a little travel reading was in order.

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Chris said...

I don't even want to think about how many resolutions I left behind around, oh, say February?

p.s. I love Bill Bryson!