Saturday, June 4, 2011

Wounded Warrior Half Marathon Training: Week 9 Complete

Last week's workouts:
Sun: Yoga for Runners podcast
Mon: Short run (2-3 mi) 2.5 easy
Tues: Lululemon yoga
Wed: Short run (2-3 mi) with intervals
Thurs: Rest
Fri: Short run or Yoga for Runners Podcast
Sat: Long run (10 mi)

All of a sudden, my knee started acting up again this week. :( After last week's 8.5 mile run, my knee felt a little sore but nothing major. Monday's run went fine but I limped the rest of the day. Thursday I started icing and it helped a lot. I was worried about my Saturday run, but luckily the old knee felt okay. After I got home, I took ibuprofen and iced and that seemed to help. After next weekend's race, I am going to take some time off to refocus on my yoga practice and I think that will help with the knee issues.

This week, I have follow up appointments with my Moh's surgeon and plastic surgeon. Everything looks like it is healing up nicely, so I expect they will go well.

Here is this week's plan:
Sun: Bike ride
Mon: Short (2-3 mi) easy
Tues: Lululemon yoga
Wed: Rest
Thurs: Easy run
Fri: Rest or yoga
Sat: Yoga
Sun: Race day!

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