Monday, February 20, 2012

Rock & Roll Half Marathon Training: Week 1 complete

Last week's plans:
Sunday 2/12: Yoga for Runners podcast (25 min)
Monday 2/13: 3 mi run Rest
Tuesday 2/14: 3 mi run + Upper body strength training
Wednesday 2/15: 3 mi social run
Thursday 2/16: Rest or Detox yoga podcast (20 min)
Friday 2/17: 3 mi run
Saturday 2/18: 7 mi run Yoga class (1 hr)
Sunday 2/19: 7 mi run

Wednesday night's social run was great! I was feeling pretty anti-social (I had a headache coming on) and ended up running with an older gentleman who wasn't very talkative either, but we kept each other on a good pace. Turns out he was running a marathon this weekend and he has actually run marathons in 25 states! Very cool, I love that running is a lifetime sport. Afterwards, we had a massage therapist who worked on my shoulders and upper back, the perfect way to end the run.

However, Thursday I woke up with a migraine and while medicine helped, it came back with a vengeance Friday night. Saturday I woke up to storms and was still feeling woozy from my medicine so I skipped my run and went to yoga instead. Sunday I had a good run, I kept my pace pretty slow and just enjoyed being outside.

This week's plans:
Monday 2/20: Walk to/from work, power yoga class
Tues 2/21: 3 mi run + upper body strength training
Wed 2/22: 3 mi social run
Thurs 2/23: Rest
Fri 2/24: 3 mi run
Sat 2/25: Yoga class
Sun 2/26: 10 mi run

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