Monday, July 30, 2012

Dallas Marathon Training: Week 2 Complete

Last week's plan and actual:

Sun 7/22: 30 min cross train Yoga for Runners podcast, 25 min
Mon 7/23: 30 min recovery run 3.12 mi, 32 min + upper body strength training
Tues 7/24: DRC training group, 50 min base/easy 4.89 mi, 53 min
Wed 7/25: 30 min recovery run Rest
Thurs: 7/26: 50 min base/easy run 3.28 mi, 34 min
Fri 7/27: Rest Detox yoga, 22 min
Sat 7/28: DRC training group, 8 mi long 8.02, 1:27

These Tuesday night runs are going to be hard for me in the heat of the summer. I brought one of my small water bottles and had to refill at least twice. I'm thinking about getting a handheld bottle since I hate wearing the fuel belt. The rest of the runs I did in the early morning.

Saturday, our long run went great! I had ordered a new pair of Glycerin 9's on liquidation and was so excited to take them out for a spin. I noticed the laces didn't seem as long as I was tying them and thought it was odd. They felt good during my run, just a little tight even though I had room in the toe box. When I got home, I took them off, looked at the label on the tongue and realized they were a narrow. Fail! Back they go.

This week's plan is almost the same as last week's, just a few tweaks for scheduling reasons.

Sun 7/29: Rest
Mon 7/30: 30 min recovery run (3 mi)
Tues 7/31: DRC training group, 50 min base/easy
Wed 8/1: 30 min cross training (yoga)
Thurs: 8/2: 50 min base/easy run (5 mi)
Fri 8/3: 30 min recovery run (3 mi)
Sat 8/4: DRC training group, 8 mi long

Saturday's run should be interesting, we will do a relay race in three-person teams. Brandon, Lauren and I are Three's Company and we even have shirts! We will run as a group to the race start, run the race and then run a few more miles to round it out to about 8 miles.

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