Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Dallas Marathon Training: Week 3 complete!

Last week's workouts:
Sun 7/29: Rest
Mon 7/30: 30 min recovery run (3 mi)- 3.35 mi, 37:00
Tues 7/31: DRC training group, 50 min base/easy- 4.71 mi, 50:41
Wed 8/1: 30 min cross training (yoga)- Gaia Flow Yoga, Mountain Practice (90 min)
Thurs: 8/2: 50 min base/easy run (5 mi) Rest
Fri 8/3: 30 min recovery run (3 mi)- 4.4 mi, 48:71
Sat 8/4: DRC training group, 8 mi long- 6.5 mi to and from race start (1:10:30), 2 mi leg of relay race (17:44)

Wednesday, I left work early enough to (barely) make it to Gaia Flow Yoga, where I had a Groupon I needed to redeem before it expired. I knew they had classes every weeknight at 6:00 but I didn't bother to check what class was on Wednesday nights. Turns out it was an advanced class, gulp! After 30 min of abs, we proceeded into an extremely challenging series with lots of headstands, standing splits and handstands with splits. I was sore before I even left: abs, glutes and biceps especially. Thursday was a much needed rest day!

Saturday I met up with my 4:10 pace group to run to the DRC Cross Country Relay Race. The race didn't start until 8:00am so we met up at 7:00am. That means I got to sleep in a little bit! Sad. Here is a picture of the Three's Company Relay Team, we got lots of comments on our shirts!

We ran 3.25 miles from the DRC Clubhouse to Norbuck Park for the race. The relay race was not exactly what I was expecting, it was almost a trail race and there were even hay bales we had to jump over (or run around). I was nervous about falling so I kept my pace slower than I probably needed to, but I made it across the finish line in one piece!

#118 Overall - #17 in our age group - 0:51:03
17:44 (Me = slowpoke)
17:25 (Lauren)
15:54 (Brandon= long legs)

After the race, I went home, showered and we hit the road for the Hyatt Lost Pines for a much needed getaway! Michael and I had a blast hanging by the pool and just relaxing.

This week's plans/actual so far:
Sun 8/5: Rest
Mon 8/6: Recovery run- 2.74 mi, 30 min
Tues 8/7: DRC Training Group base/easy- 4.63 mi, 50:55
Wed 8/8: Yoga for Runners, 20 min + strength training
Thurs 8/9: Base/easy, 50 min
Friday 8/10: Recovery run, 30 min + Gaia flow yoga (gentle flow class this time!)
Sat 8/11: DRC Training Group, 9 mi

Rumor has it that we have a hilly route planned on Saturday. Eek!

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