Sunday, August 19, 2012

Dallas Marathon Training: Week 5 Complete

Last week's workouts:
Sun 8/12: Gaia Flow Yoga (Gentle Flow class, 60 min)
Mon 8/13: 30 min recovery run 2.95 mi, 31:14
Tues 8/14: DRC Training Group, 50 min base/easy 4.88 mi, 52:00
Wed 8/15: Rest or strength training
Thurs 8/16: 50 min base/easy 4.64 mi, 49:52
Fri 8/17: 30 min recovery 2.26 mi, 25:08
Sat 8/18: DRC Training Group, 10 mi 10.5 mi, 1:52

On Monday night, my good friend and marathon training teammate had a horrible accident. He, my husband and our other friend Scott were flying a remote control helicopter at Scott's house when the helicopter got caught in a tree. Brandon used a ladder to get into the tree along with an aluminum pole to knock out the helicopter. He tripped and fell into a power line, was shocked and then fell head-first almost 15 feet. He was not breathing when he hit the ground but luckily Michael and Scott knew CPR and were able to start him breathing again by the time paramedics arrived on the scene.

Brandon is still in ICU at Parkland Hospital. He is expected to recover but has a long road ahead of him. You can follow his progress at You can also donate blood in his name at any Carter BloodCare location (, just give them the number 051727. He has already had to receive 22 pints of blood and any blood donated will be credited to him.

Our training group runs are not the same without Brandon, he is definitely missed. I know how much he was looking forward to running his first marathon in December, but there will be plenty of opportunities for him to race in the future. Brandon is a fighter and is in the best shape of his life, so I know he will recover.

This week's plans:
Sun 8/19: Yoga for Runners, 25 min
Mon 8/20: 30 min recovery run + Gaia Flow Yoga
Tues 8/21: DRC training group, 1 hr base/easy
Wed 8/22: Rest or strength training
Thurs 8/23: 50 min base/easy
Fri 8/24: 30 min recovery run
Sat 8/25: DRC Training Group, 12 mi

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