Monday, August 27, 2012

Dallas Marathon Training: Week 6 Complete

Last week's workouts:
Sun 8/19: Yoga for Runners, 25 min
Mon 8/20: 30 min recovery run (3.11 mi, 33:22)+ Gaia Flow Yoga (Ocean Practice, 90 min)
Tues 8/21: DRC training group, 1 hr base/easy (5.83 mi, 1:01:35)
Wed 8/22: Rest or strength training
Thurs 8/23: 50 min base/easy (3 mi, 35:00)
Fri 8/24: 30 min recovery run
Sat 8/25: DRC Training Group, 12 mi (12.65 mi, 2:17:26)

First things first, our friend Brandon is improving every day! He was taken off the respirator on Friday, had his neck brace taken off Saturday and was moved out of ICU on Sunday. Yay!

On Wednesday, my calf felt a little sore. We had done a little off-roading (not trail running exactly but definitely off the beaten path) and I was also wearing new shoes. Wednesday was a planned rest day from running and Thursday I woke up ready to get my run on. Unfortunately, I felt pain immediately and knew something was not right. I cut my run short and went home to ice and foam roll. I took Friday as a rest day and did more icing and foam rolling. By Saturday morning, it felt much better, but was hurting again not long after we started our 12 mile run. I stretched really well on our 8 mile water stop and the rest of the run felt a little easier. However, by Saturday afternoon, I was really hobbling around and going up and down stairs felt horrible.

Sunday I did yoga, foam rolled and iced some more. I called my doctor's office first thing Monday morning and they managed to fit me in that morning. Luckily, the doctor thought it was just a minor muscle strain and recommended rest and some prescription strength anti-inflammatory meds. I'm already feeling good this evening, but I'm definitely going to continue to rest most of the week to make sure everything is healed up.

So no plan for this week, I'll do yoga as many days as I can.

Have a happy and healthy week!

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