Saturday, August 11, 2012

Dallas Marathon Training: Week 4 Complete!

Last week's workouts:
Sun 8/5: Rest
Mon 8/6: Recovery run- 2.74 mi, 30 min
Tues 8/7: DRC Training Group base/easy- 4.63 mi, 50:55
Wed 8/8: Yoga for Runners, 20 min + strength training
Thurs 8/9: Base/easy, 50 min- 4.25 mi, I'm not sure on the time because my phone died during the run. I was going super slow, though!
Friday 8/10: Recovery run, 30 min- 2.75 in 29:44 + Gaia flow yoga (My legs were feeling sore and I decided that sweating for 90 min was not a good idea the night before a long run)
Sat 8/11: DRC Training Group, 9 mi- We ended up at 9.4 mi, in 1:42.

Saturday's run was awesome! I didn't have my usual buddies with me (Lauren and Brandon couldn't make it), so I was a little nervous as I usually am in big groups where I don't know people well. I had also woken up with a sinus headache that progressively got worse throughout our run. :( I think running into the rising sun was especially unhelpful, so I ended up taking some good meds when I got home. (I didn't want to take anything before the run, I have learned the hard way that that is no bueno for my stomach.)

Other than the headache, it was a great run! We went off of the lake path and into the neighborhood next to it. We did sooooo many hills! It was an awesome workout and the weather was beautiful! It had cooled off overnight, it had only gotten up to 84 by the time we finished. So refreshing! (And a little sad that I consider the low-80's "cooled off!")

This week's plans:
Sun 8/12: Gaia Flow Yoga (Gentle Flow class, 60 min)
Mon 8/13: 30 min recovery run
Tues 8/14: DRC Training Group, 50 min base/easy
Wed 8/15: Rest or strength training
Thurs 8/16: 50 min base/easy
Fri 8/17: 30 min recovery
Sat 8/18: DRC Training Group, 10 mi

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