Sunday, October 6, 2013

Dallas Marathon Training: Weeks 11 and 12 Complete (Kind of)

Week 11's planned and actual workouts:
Sun 9/22: Rest
Mon 9/23: Base/easy run 3.83 mi, 42:54 + 1 hour vinyasa yoga
Tues 9/24: 6x800 speed workout 6.51 mi, 1:03:08
Wed 9/25: 50 min recovery run 3.65 mi, 42:46
Thurs 9/26: Strength training (uppper body and abs)
Fri 9/27: 1 hour base + strides 4.87 mi, 55:34
Sat 9/28: 16 mi long

I wasn't feeling great this week, lots of sinus congestion due to the weather changing and poor air quality. But I was really looking forward to my Saturday long run.

Unfortunately, my father in law passed away unexpectedly on that Friday night. The next week (Week 12 on my training schedule) was a blur of making arrangements, extended family in town and spending time with family. It was an emotionally draining week. I did manage to get away for a loop around White Rock Lake (9.45 mi, 1:39:53) and one awful, hot run in the neighborhood (4.71 mi, 53:55), plus a yoga podcast. But I really just didn't worry about missing my workouts, I don't think one week will make or break my whole training season.

Saturday (Oct 4), we had The Loop 15k on the agenda. I honestly wasn't sure what was going to happen going into this race, I hadn't been sleeping or eating well all week but still toyed with the idea of doing some extra miles after the race to make up for missing my 16 mile run. Finally, I decided just to show up and see how I felt. I was definitely ready to be back with the running community! I got to Winfrey Point a little early to make sure I could find parking as well as pick up my bib. It was really warm and humid (not sure what the temperature was, the humidity was at 85%) but there was supposed to be rain coming in with temperatures dropping. I got my bib and headed to the start line with my pace leader, Clay, and Brad, a fellow 4:10 trainee. I didn't see many other people I knew, oddly. I felt pretty good early in the race but wasn't sure how long it would be before the humidity started to get me.

Around mile 3, I ran into my buddy Jessica (who is running the Chicago Marathon next weekend) and we stuck together for the next 4 miles. It was great to have someone to chat with for a while and we were both able to keep close to a 10:00 min/mile pace. We could see dark clouds getting closer to White Rock Lake and hoped the cool front would hurry up and get here! At mile 7, she needed to take a walk break and I decided to keep running. Not long after, I ran into Michael and Kim cheering at the next water stop, it was great to see them! There were only a few water stops during this race, I think I stopped at all of them to get water.

Just as I passed the 9 mile mark, the wind started really blowing. The cool front was moving in! As I crossed the finish line, it started raining. Luckily, it wasn't pouring so it actually felt really refreshing after all the humidity. I wish it had started earlier!

Looking back at the start/finish line as the rain was moving in.

My official finish time was 1:35:57, an average of 10:19 min/mile. Not bad considering the humidity and my low expectations.

I grabbed some water and Powerade and decided to just to head home rather than try to slog out some extra miles in the rain. Next week's 18 miles might be rough but I think I can make it.

I'm looking forward to getting back to my routine this week, I think it will be nice for things to feel a little more "normal."

This week's plans:
Sun 10/6: 1 hour yoga
Mon 10/7: Base/easy 40 min run
Tues 10/8: 9x hill repeats
Wed 10/9: strength training
Thurs 10/10: Santa Fe 5k
Fri 10/11: 1:10 base + strides
Sat 10/12: 18 mi long

Have a happy and healthy week!


Kim said...

Great job at the 15K! It was nasty, humid day!!

I meant to check in with you about how you and your family were holding up, but during the hill repeats didn't seem like quite the appropriate time. Glad to have you back out with the DRC, though, and I hope you all are doing okay during this emotional time!

When Nick's dad passed away suddenly, it was really hard. It broke my heart seeing him so sad, but it slowly gets easier. Keeping you and your family in my thoughts!!

Rebecca said...

Thanks, Kim, we are hanging in there. Michael and I both went back to work this week, it felt good to get back into a routine and have something else to focus on. Same with getting back into the DRC training schedule. We've also been spending a lot of time with his mom.

It is a terrible feeling when someone you love is hurting and not being able to do much to help. We're still trying to figure out the "new normal."