Sunday, October 20, 2013

Dallas Marathon Training: Week 14 Complete!

Last week's workouts:
Sun 10/13: Strength training (plus lots of stretching and foam rolling!)
Mon 10/14: base/easy 50 min run 3.77 mi, 41:38
Tues 10/15: 4x1200m speedwork 5.16 mi, 50:28
Wed 10/16: Yoga 1 hour
Thurs 10/17: base + strides 1:20 6.58 mi, 1:12:58
Fri 10/18: recovery 50 min run 2.93 mi, 35:38
Sat 10/19: 18 miles long 18 mi, 3:12:55

We had more storms in Dallas this week! Monday morning it was drizzly when I woke up and the rain just got worse as I ran. I ended up cutting my planned 50 minutes short. On Tuesday, it was still raining and a cold front had moved in. I didn't feel like driving across town to our track workout (everyone forgets how to drive in the rain), not to mention run in the cold rain. So I decided to try doing the speed workout on the treadmill. I can't even remember the last time I ran on a treadmill, it usually hurts my knee. Surprisingly, my knee felt fine throughout the workout and I did all 4 planned 1200m repeats. I didn't get my pace up to the recommended speed, but did my faster intervals at around 8:30 which is pretty fast for me. I did have to cut my cooldown a little short because I was over my time limit and people were waiting for the treadmills. Nobody wants to be "that guy" at the gym!

The rain left on Wednesday, but the cooler temperatures stayed! What a refreshing change; after a hot, humid summer it seems like fall has finally arrived. On Friday, I also had to cut my run a little short only because I needed to get to work on time. I should have gotten up earlier but my bed was just too warm!

Saturday's run was great! The weather was downright chilly, in the 40's when we started at 6:00am and it never warmed up much. We had a fabulous route, running from White Rock Lake through East Dallas, Highland Park, the Southern Methodist University campus (practically my backyard growing up!) and then back through the Lakewood neighborhoods. Once we got back to the lake, training buddy Andrea took a bad spill. She scraped up her knee and elbow pretty good. (Thankfully, she didn't face-plant like someone we all know...) Travis had a bunch of band-aids, so we patched her up and a couple people stayed back while she called someone to pick her up. It looked bad, but she later said she felt much better and should be back next weekend. Whew!

Sunday morning, I met up with some fellow runners for an easy 5 miles at the lake. This group normally does trail runs on Sundays (and I occasionally join), but due to a trail closure most of the runners decided to do an easy loop around White Rock. Some of us who had done 18 miles the previous day opted for an easy 5 miles. It was a great way to shake out my legs and catch up with some of the ladies who are running the Marine Corps Marathon in just a week!

This week's plans:
Sun 10/20: 5 mi, 55:53
Mon 10/21: Rest (I have a massage booked, can't wait!)
Tues 10/22: Intervals 1:00 2:2
Wed 10/23: Strength training
Thurs 10/24: Base + strides 1:20
Fri 10/25: 50 min recovery run
Sat 10/26: 20 miles long
Sun 10/27: Fired Up 5K

Have a happy and healthy week!

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