Monday, September 2, 2013

Dallas Marathon Training: Week 7 complete!

Last week's planned and actual:
Sun 8/25: 45 min walk
Mon 8/26: 2.79 mi, 30:25
Tues 8/27: 5x hill repeats 4.6mi, 52:00
Wed 8/28: Recovery 45 min run 3.34mi, 42:08 + 60 min sweaty vinyasa practice
Thurs 8/29: Yoga and/or lower body strength training Rest
Fri 8/30: 60 min base + strides 5.09mi, 59:04
Sat 8/31: 13 mi long 13.35mi, 2:28:40

Tuesday's hill workout was tough! Our group met at Norbuck Park and ran to Flagpole Hill (and back afterwards, about 1 mile each way). At Flagpole Hill, we practiced springing and binding, basically long strides up one side, recovery jog as we went down, then high knees on the way back up. Whew!

I decided I wanted to make a Wednesday evening yoga class, so I got up early that morning to do my recovery run and my legs were crazy sore from the previous night's workout. Wednesday night's vinyasa practice had lots of warrior (lunging) poses, so Thursday my legs needed a break! Even Friday morning, they were still sore as I did my base plus strides workout. My pace was slower than it should have been, but the effort was definitely there!

Saturday morning's long run was a fun one, though very hot and humid! I drank lots of water (and some Gatorade) throughout, but I think I sweated it all out and then some! We ran part of our route on the Santa Fe Trail, which I had not been on before. Once we were back at the lake, our group kind of separated and I stayed back with Brandon who was struggling a bit. We took a few walk breaks the last mile, but finished strong.

Sunday morning, I got up early and met a trail-running group at Big Cedar Wilderness Trail for a very fun run! I was hoping for a short recovery run, but ended up starting out with some more experienced trail runners for a 6.5 mile loop. I thought after a while I would drop back, but I kept up with them out of fear of getting lost! It was a really great run, my legs felt surprisingly fresh afterwards. Because trails are (obviously) a softer surface than road, it's much easier on your feet and legs.

A group shot after the run.

Today is Labor Day, so I'm off work. It's raining and I'm about to head to a vinyasa practice at the yoga studio. Is there anything better than yoga with the sound of rain in the background?

This week's plans:
Sun 9/1: 6.5 mi trail run, 1:16:54
Mon 9/2: 1 hour vinyasa flow
Tues 9/3: Speed workout, 8x400's
Wed 9/4: Recovery 45 min run
Thurs 9/5: Lower body strength training
Fri 9/6: 60 min base + strides
Sat: 9/7: 14 miles long (part of that will be the DRC Breakfast Bash 5 mile race)

Have a happy and healthy week!


Kim said...

Where and what time do you do your Friday workout? I normally do that workout on Thursdays, but this Thursday is super busy, so I might push it to Friday instead... although I have to do 90 minutes.

Rebecca said...

I just run in my 'hood, I leave from my house and run through the neighborhood near Jesuit and WT White. Let me know if you want to meet up! Maybe there's somewhere in between us.