Monday, August 26, 2013

Dallas Marathon Training: Week 6 complete!

Sun 8/18: Detox flow yoga podcast (20 min); upper body strength training
Mon 8/19: 2.9 mi, 31:39
Tues 8/20: Base/easy 60 min run 5.65 mi, 1:01:01
Wed 8/21: Recovery 45 min run 3.81 mi, 44:49
Thurs 8/22: Rest
Fri 8/23: Base/easy 50 min run 4.3 mi, 51:47
Sat 8/24: 12 mi long 12.41 mi, 2:16:54

Yay, I love it when I get all of my planned workouts in! Friday morning's run was tough, I stayed up late Thursday night so it was extra hard to get up and run. I knew my energy wasn't going to be good, but I figured it would be better to run a few slow miles rather than put the run off or skip it entirely.

Saturday's run was another difficult one! Our route was extra hilly and the weather was extremely humid. It's a good thing we have a lot of great people in our group, we kept each other going.

After our long run on Saturday, Michael and I hit the road for Lost Pines! It was a great way to end the summer. We spent a lot of time by the pool and Sunday morning had a great walk on the hiking trail.

Sun 8/25: 45 min walk
Mon 8/26: 2.79 mi, 30:25
Tues 8/27: 5x hill repeats
Wed 8/28: Recovery 45 min run
Thurs 8/29: Yoga and/or lower body strength training
Fri 8/30: 60 min base + strides
Sat 8/31: 13 mi long

We have officially exited the "Base" portion of our training and are entering the "Strength" portion. Time flies!

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Kim said...

Awesome job sticking with the schedule! I bet it feels good, especially after a week with bad storms preventing several runs!