Monday, August 19, 2013

Dallas Marathon Training: Week 5 complete!

Last week's planned and actual workouts:
Sun 8/11: Hip Opening yoga podcast (20 min)
Mon: 8/12: Base/easy 30 min run 3.07 mi, 34:32; Vinyasa yoga, 1 hour
Tues: 8/13: Base/easy 50 min run Rest
Wed 8/14: Rest 4.34 mi, 48:19
Thurs 8/15: Recovery 45 min run 2.5 mi, 30:15; 20 min elliptical; lower body strength training
Fri 8/16: Base/easy 50 min run Rest
Sat 8/17: 10 miles long 10.52 mi, 1:54

On Monday, I went to use a Groupon for a yoga studio in Carrollton, I had used one there before previously and really liked the studio. Unfortunately, I didn't read (well, didn't pay attention to) the fine print that said it was for new students only. They let me use what I had paid towards a class card so I went ahead and bought a 20 class card. It was more than I would usually pay for yoga, but I really like this studio a lot and the card doesn't expire for a year so I have plenty of time to use it.

On Tuesday, there were patches of storms in Dallas. They looked like they would pass over White Rock before my group run, but right when I pulled into the parking lot, the rain started coming down in sheets accompanied by lots of lightning. The run was delayed about 30 minutes, but unfortunately Brandon and I had plans to meet up with Michael and our friend Scott so we had to abandon the run and head out.

Unfortunately, this wasn't the only day that the weather messed with my running plans! Friday morning, I got up early to get my 50 minute base run in. It was raining and when I checked the radar online, thunderstorms were headed my way. I probably could have gone out and done something, but instead I got back in the warm bed. Hey, sometimes a girl needs her beauty sleep!

Saturday's long run was great! The rain throughout the week had cooled the temperatures down and there was very little humidity. We had a nice big group and played a game our coach Steve called "leapfrog." We run two-by-two, so every mile or so, the two people in the back would move to the front of the group. It was a fun way to move throughout the group!

This week the forecast looks better, so I hope I'll be able to do all my planned workouts!
Sun 8/18: Detox flow yoga podcast (20 min); upper body strength training
Mon 8/19: 2.9 mi, 31:39
Tues 8/20: Base/easy 60 min run
Wed 8/21: Recovery 45 min run
Thurs 8/22: Rest
Fri 8/23: Base/easy 50 min run
Sat 8/24: 12 mi long

The August plank challenge is still going! I was supposed to hold a plank for 2.5 minutes on Sunday and made the mistake of doing it right after my arm workout. Ouch! I had to rest on my knees a couple of times.

Have a happy and healthy week!


Kim said...

Last week was a rough week for me too... I skipped a lot of runs and I'm still sore from Saturday's long run (18 miles for me). Hopefully the better weather will equal a better training week!

Rebecca said...

Well, you had a good excuse with all of your moving drama! Yes, I'm hoping this week will be better.