Sunday, August 11, 2013

Dallas Marathon Training: Week 4 Complete!

Last week's planned and actual workouts:
Sun 8/4: Bike ride 8.56 mi, 45:24
Mon 8/5: Base/easy 30 min run 2.67 mi, 30:01; hot yoga (60 min)
Tues 8/6: Base/easy 50 min run 4.51 mi, 50:18
Wed 8/7: Rest (getting a sports massage)
Thurs 8/8: Recovery 45 min run 3.48 mi, 41:04; lower body upper body strength training
Fri 8/9: Base/easy 50 min run 4.52 mi, 49:30
Sat 8/10: 9 miles long 9.3 mi total

Tuesday happened to be the hottest day of the year (so far) in Dallas! There was a heat advisory in effect and I think with the heat index it felt like 105. Whew! My shirt from the Too Hot to Handle 15K had come in so I decided it would be a good day to wear it. I wasn't the only one!

Jessica and Brandon had the same idea!

On Saturday, I did something a little different for my long run. My friend Stacey and I had decided we wanted to go to the Run On social run because there would be Brooks reps there to let us test the new Glycerins and Ghosts. They had also planned to do part of the social run on the new Northaven Trail so I was sold! Because I needed to get in 9 miles total for the day, I decided to run the extra miles beforehand, starting from my house and ending at the Run On store.

Michael and I went to see Kathy Griffin Friday night and didn't get home until late so it was really hard to get myself up and out the door early Saturday morning! But I did 6.3 miles before the social run and then left from the store with the crew for our run (and changed into the new Brooks Glycerin 11's). We actually ended up only doing 2 miles and only a very small part was on the trail so I was a little disappointed about that. (Usually the social runs have a 3 mile loop.) Oh, well, the company was good! I did another mile to get in my total before I joined everyone back at the store. We visited and got some Brooks goodies (tote bag and sticker) and then Stacey, Katie and I went across the street to Panera for breakfast.

Sunday morning, I planned on going to my favorite hot yoga class because it would be my last chance to use my American Power Yoga groupon before my 90 days expired. Unfortunately, I woke up with a terrible headache so a challenging, heated practice did not sound appealing. Instead I did an easy podcast at home and really stretched my hips out.

I've been keeping up with my August plank challenge, today I was up to 1 minute! I am terrible about doing ab strengthening, but it is so important to keep your core strong in order to keep your running form even.

This week's plans:
Sun 8/11: Hip Opening yoga podcast (20 min)
Mon: 8/12: Base/easy 30 min run
Tues: 8/13: Base/easy 50 min run
Wed 8/14: Rest
Thurs 8/15: Recovery 45 min run; lower body strength training
Fri 8/15: Base/easy 50 min run
Sat 8/16: 10 miles long

Have a happy and healthy week!

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Kim said...

Awesome job! I guess this comment is coming a bit late, but none-the-less, great progress!!