Sunday, August 4, 2013

Dallas Marathon Training: Week 3 Complete!

I was so positive about week 3, but unfortunately it didn't start out on a good note. I've had some nagging shin/calf soreness for the last couple of weeks. On Monday morning's run, I realized it was really hurting and starting to feel like the beginning of last year's injury. So I took a couple of days off from running and got in some other forms of exercise, plus foam rolled and took the same anti-inflammatories my doctor prescribed last year.

Sun 7/27: Upper body strength training
Mon 7/28: Base/easy 30 min run 2.62 mi, 28:53; hot yoga (60 min)
Tues 7/29: Base/easy 50 min run Rest
Wed 7/30: Recovery 45 min run 1.15 mi walk
Thurs 7/31: Base/easy 50 min run 15 min elliptical; lower body strength training; Baptiste Power Flow Yoga podcast 20 min
Fri 8/1: Rest 3.56mi, 38:32
Sat 8/2: DRC Cross Country Relay race + extra miles for a total of 8 7.72mi

Saturday morning, a few of us met up at the DRC clubhouse to run to Norbuck Park for the Cross Country Relay Race. Brandon and I met up with Michael at the race, we each ran a 2-mile leg and then we ran back to the clubhouse (taking a slight shortcut due to time constraints). Thankfully, my leg was feeling pretty good!

We didn't have time to make shirts like last year, so we all wore the shirts from this year's Rock and Roll Half Marathon.

The race was really fun! Team Fall Risk did pretty well.
Total 55:23
Michael 20:41
Rebecca 17:47
Brandon 16:54

I have done that Norbuck Park loop so many times over the summer that at least I knew what to expect this year! I was able to keep a faster pace than I thought I would be able to do. After I got home, I put on compression socks and foam rolled. I think this helped, my leg is feeling good today (knock on wood).

This morning, Michael and I cross-trained by riding our bikes on the White Rock Creek Trail. I forget what a good workout biking is! My legs are definitely feeling it, but in a different way than running.

This week's plans:
Sun 8/3: Bike ride 8.56 mi, 45:24
Mon 8/4: Base/easy 30 min run; hot yoga (60 min)
Tues 8/5: Base/easy 50 min run
Wed 8/6: Rest (getting a sports massage)
Thurs 8/7: Recovery 45 min run; lower body strength training
Fri 8/8: Base/easy 50 min run
Sat 8/9: 9 miles long

I also started a 30-day plank challenge on the first, by August 30th I'll (supposedly) be able to hold a plank for 5 minutes!

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Kim said...

Awesome job on the relay! You had an great time, especially for the heat! I'm really impressed :)