Sunday, November 10, 2013

Dallas Marathon Training: Week 17 complete!

Last week's workouts:
Mon 11/4: Strength training (legs) + 15 min elliptical
Tues 11/5: Base/easy 1:20 25 min Yoga for Runners podcast and ab work
Wed 11/6: Vinyasa yoga 7.1 mi, 1:16:21
Thurs 11/7: Base plus strides 1:30 7.87 mi, 1:26:48
Fri 11/8: Recovery :50 Rest
Sat 11/9: 18 mi long 18.61 mi, 3:18:48

Tuesday evening I was supposed to meet up with my training group for an easy 1:20 run, but I had a horrible sinus headache all day. Instead, I did a yoga podcast and some ab work. Wednesday I made up the run after work. It's not nearly as fun to run by myself, especially because it gets dark so early now! But overall it was a good run.

Thursday I set out to do my 1:30 base plus strides workout and my legs were super sore! I must not have stretched well after my Wednesday night run. I kept a slower pace and didn't push it too hard on the strides. I made sure to stretch and foam roll afterwards and decided to rest Friday so I could be ready for 18 miles on Saturday.

Saturday's run was pretty good, even though my legs were still sore. I was especially sore in my right piriformis, which was unusual. However, the weather was good and we had a good group so I was able to push through.

We took a picture at one of our water stops. I think we were about 10 miles in?

Back row: Me, Leslie, Kate, Kristin (pace leader), Andrea, Diana
Front row: Michael, Jeanette, Clay (pace leader), Brandon, Myriam, Brad

It was great to have Kristin back with us! She suffered a stress fracture in her foot early in the season and hasn't been able to run with us much. She didn't do the entire 18 miles but did over half of it with us on Saturday.

This week's plans:
Sun 11/10: Rest
Mon 11/11: Base/easy :40
Tues 11/12: Tempo 1:20
Wed: 11/13: Vinyasa yoga OR strength training
Thurs 11/14: Base plus strides 1:30
Fri 11/15: Recovery :50
Sat 11/16: 22 mi long

Hard to believe that Saturday will be our last long run of the season!

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