Monday, November 25, 2013

Dallas Marathon Training: Week 19 Complete!

Last week's workouts:
Sun 11/17: Rest
Mon 11/18: Base/easy :50 + strength training 1.3 mi run/walk + 20 min elliptical
Tues 11/19: Pace 1:00 Power Yoga 2 podcast (25 min) + strength training arms and abs
Wed 11/20: Vinyasa yoga 1:00
Thurs 11/21: Base + strides 1:30 (plus I have a massage scheduled) 5.63 mi, 1:02:42
Fri 11/22: Recovery :40 Rest
Sat 11/23: 14 miles with fast finish 14.42 mi, 2:29:35

Last week did not start off well! When I got out of bed Monday morning, my right leg did not feel right. I had a lot of pain above my ankle, where it meets the shin. I started out for my run, but turned around after less than a mile because I was definitely limping. I put some ice on my ankle, foam rolled and decided to take a couple of days off to recover. I also skipped my leg workout to make sure I didn't aggravate it.

Thursday morning I went on a test run and it felt pretty good! I had a massage appointment that evening, so I let my masseuse know what had been going on. She theorized that it was the beginning of shin splints (which I have had before) and said she would work on my calves a lot during the massage. She also found a trigger point in my lower back that was causing my left hip flexor to be really tight. She really worked out a lot of knots, I left the appointment with tons of bruises! I was so sore and tender on Friday that I decided to let my legs rest.

Dallas had a huge cold front come through on Friday and with it came some rain. On Saturday morning, all I wanted to do was stay in my warm bed! But I bundled up and met my group for 14 miles. It was misting when we started out, but thankfully it stopped quickly so we didn't have to deal rain on top of the cold. But it was quite a chilly run, I don't think I ever really warmed up. My legs felt good, sore from the massage still, but nothing worrisome.

Since we're already in the taper portion of our training, I don't feel too bad about missing some running workouts this week. At this point, I just want to be healthy when I get to the starting line!

This week's plans:
Sun 11/24: Rest
Mon 11/25: Elliptical 30 min + lower body strength training
Tues 11/26: Pace :50
Wed 11/27: Yoga
Thurs 11/28: Dallas Turkey Trot (8 miles)
Fri: 11/29: Rest
Sat 11/30: 9 mi

Have a happy and healthy Thanksgiving!

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