Sunday, August 10, 2008

The end of an era...

Sorry it's been a while since I updated! Sadly, I think I'm spending more time at work than at home.

There has been a rash of unsettling news from my old stomping grounds. Cremona Bistro was a favorite hangout for my group of friends, and not just because of all the wine and bellinis consumed there. The owners and staff were so friendly and the food was delicious. So you can imagine how sad I was to see that the loveley restaurant had been destroyed by a fire.

Here's another sad tale. Ball's Hamburgers in Snider Plaza has been an institution for over 20 years and it is now being replaced by a Dunkin' Donuts.

Don't get me wrong, I love Dunkin' Donuts, especially their coffee. But I have too many memories of eating at Ball's post-soccer game and feeding quarters into the pinball machine. Besides, Mustang Donuts is just down the street! The good news is that Ball's will be reopening just up the road.

Next, I received an email from my good friend Victoria (currently serving our country in Iraq) that another one of our hangouts was closing its doors. Metro Diner in Preston Center was one of the best places for a greasy breakfast and good conversation.

The saddest part of this is that three of us girls are trying to get together for one last breakfast at Metro before they close their doors on the 23rd. But because of our busy schedules, we may not be able to fit it in. Life goes on, but I will always have special memories of each of these places. More importantly, I have memories of the people who were there with me. I love you, girls!

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