Sunday, April 10, 2011

Make the Break 5K

This race has a special place in my heart for a couple of reasons. It benefits Genesis Women's Shelter, which does amazing things for women and children in need. Two years ago, this was also my first 5K race.

Saturday morning, I showed up right on time for the 8:30 start. I managed to get pretty near the starting line (this is a small race) and before I knew it, we were off!

The course took us through uptown Dallas and then onto the Katy Trail. There was only one (very steep!) hill, but I pulled out a trick I learned from Kristin Armstrong and just kept my head down until I got over the hill.

I was hoping for a sub-30 time and was so happy when I saw that the clock said 29:15 when I crossed the finish line! I knew my chip time wouldn't be too far behind based on when I started and sure enough, my official time was 28:48, a new PR!

I thought about sticking around and getting a few miles in after the race, but it was so hot and sticky that I decided to head home. I found my friend Sarah (who does PR/marketing for Genesis), snagged a few freebies then headed home.

2009: 31:51
2010: 30:41
2011: 28:48 (10th in my age group)

I hope next year will be even better!

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