Sunday, January 15, 2012

Hotcake Hustle 10K Review

Last week's workouts:
Sun: 7 mi run
Mon: Yoga (Power Yoga 4, 45 min)
Tues: 3 mi run + strength training
Wed: 3 mi run (I went to an evening social run at Run On! It was lots of fun, I'll definitely go again.)
Thurs: Yoga or rest
Fri: Yoga or rest (Yoga for Runners, 20 min)+ walked to and from work (2 mi)
Sat: 10K race (6.2 mi)

Saturday morning, we left about 7:45 for the race (which started at 8:30). Our good friend Elliot was nice enough to drive us and cheer for us. Parking was a breeze, the race was in Addison Circle so we were familiar with the area and parking garages. We had plenty of time until the start so Michael decided to use the Port-a-Potties. He was in line for a really long time (7 Port-a-Potties for a 2500 person race, doesn't seem like a lot but I know they also had indoor restrooms. We guessed they would be even more crowded and we knew we had time so he just waited.) I wore my favorite Athleta capris, short sleeve top and then a long-sleeve half zip. I was cold while we waited but it was warming up quickly and I knew I would warm up once I got started.

The MC was very energetic and got everyone pumped while we waited to start. At 8:30 we were off! The 5K and 10K started at the same time and ran the same course, with the 10K-ers running the course twice. It was the exact same course as Oktoberfest so I knew what was coming-- the bridge! And I knew I was going to have to run over it 4 times. O_o

The start was definitely crowded, I was dodging and weaving to get around the crowd (and the walkers who wanted to walk on the left instead of the right), so I knew I started out fast but wasn't that worried about it. So we went out of Addison Circle, over the bridge, then just a little further to the turnaround. There was a water station here, which I skipped. The crowd had thinned out a lot by this point and as I came down the bridge for the second time, I could see the 10K leaders looping back around. So fast! As we came back to the starting line, the 5K-ers turned right to the finish while the 10K-ers looped back and did it again.

I was worried about passing the slower 5K-ers on the second loop, but luckily we had room to get through on the left. I could feel myself slowing down by the fourth (!) time I went over the bridge but luckily I didn't have to stop. I came across the finish line at about 54:00 so I knew I had beat my previous time. When the official results came in, I earned 52:13! That's an 8:25 pace, faster than my 5K PR! I did slow down the second half but only by a few seconds, so I am really proud.

I had seen Michael on my fourth pass of the bridge as he was on his third and he looked good! After I finished, I got some water and looked around at the after-party setup. The line for pancakes was out of control already, it wrapped all the way around the building and then across the lawn. Yikes!

I waited with Elliot to watch Michael cross the finish line, he came in with 1:04:20, an awesome time for his first 10K! We decided to forgo the ridiculous lines for food and beverages and just headed home. I wanted pancakes, but not that bad! Overall, I had a great race and would do it again.

My first race of 2012 was a success! Now looking forward to the Hot Chocolate 15K on Feb. 11!

This week's plans:
Sun: Yoga
Mon: Power Yoga class
Tues: 3 mi run + strength training
Wed: 3 mi run
Thurs: Yoga or rest
Fri: 3 mi run
Sat: 9 mi run


Lisa said...

Way to go!! Sounds like you need to race a 5K soon because you'll smoke your previous PR. Great job. :)

Jamie Walker said...

You'll totally smoke your last 5K PR if you keep it up the way you are!