Sunday, January 8, 2012

Plan It Out, Work It Out

So what races have my running buddies signed up for?

So far, I am running:
The Hotcake Hustle 10K on Jan. 14 (Pancakes and coffee at the finish? I'm in.)

The Hot Chocolate 15K on Feb. 11 (Hot chocolate and more chocolate goodies at the finish? I'm in.)

Rock & Roll Dallas Half Marathon on March 25 (I loved this race last year!)

I think the first two races will help me build back up to the Half Marathon in March. My mileage base is still pretty good and I'm confident about these races! The 15K will be my first race of that distance, it should be fun!

Michael is running the Hotcake Hustle as well, his first 10K! I put together a training plan for him and I know he'll do great!

So here is this week's training plan.
Sun: 7 mi run
Mon: Yoga
Tues: 3 mi run + strength training
Wed: 3 mi run
Thurs: Yoga or rest
Fri: Yoga or rest
Sat: 10K race (6.2 mi)

Let the spring race season begin!


Lisa said...

Sounds like a fun winter/spring schedule! Best of luck with all your upcoming running. I wish I had something in my plans sooner, but I think my first race of the season will be a 1/2 in mid-April.

The Bases said...

Oooh I saw the pancake one coming up! I am having some knee issues or I would do it.

The Bases said...

Ohh and Rebecca, not sure if you know this, I tried to respond to one of your comments and you don't have your email set up to reply back to. If you want to here is how:

first, edit your settings so you receive email notifications when you get comments.
go to your dashboard
click the settings tab
click the comments tab
enter your email address in the "comment notification email" box

next, make sure your email address is visible so people can respond to your comments via email.
go to your dashboard
click on edit profile
under the privacy section, check "show my email address"
under the identity section, there's a spot to enter your email address
save profile!

Rebecca said...

Oh, thanks for letting me know! I changed it. :)