Sunday, March 4, 2012

Rock & Roll Half Marathon Training: Week 3 complete

Last week's workouts:
Mon 2/27: Power Yoga class
Tues 2/28: 3 mi run + strength training
Wed 2/29: 3 5 mi social run
Thurs 3/1: Rest
Fri 3/2: 3 2.5 mi run
Sat 3/3: Yoga class
Sun 3/4: 11 mi run

The weather has been beautiful this week! And it has started to stay light for longer, so getting my evening run in on Friday was no problem.

Our friend Brandon joined us for the Run On! social run on Wednesday night, it was nice to have some more company so we did a 5 mile route. We couldn't quite keep up with the faster pace group, but we let them know before we left that we were following them (the store didn't have any maps for us) so they knew to make sure they were in our sight.

Sunday's long run was tough, my legs were sore from yoga class and just did not want to go very fast. We also started out later than I like (after 9:00am) so it warmed up quickly. But we finished!

This week's plan:
Mon 3/5: Power yoga class
Tues 3/6: 3 mi run + strength training
Wed 3/7: 5 mi social run
Thurs 3/8: Rest
Fri 3/9: 2-3 mi run
Sat 3/10: Yoga class
Sun 3/11: 12 mile run

This is the first time in half marathon training that I have gone over 10 miles for a training run. I have never thought it was necessary, but we'll see if this helps me finish a little stronger this time! I can't remember if I have already shared this or not, but Michael decided to run Rock & Roll with me, his first half marathon! It has been great to have a training and racing buddy. I'm glad this is something we can do together!

Have a happy and healthy week!

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Lisa said...

Great job on your training! Things are really going well for you. Having a training & racing buddy sounds awesome too. :-)