Sunday, July 1, 2007

Dinner review: Bread Winner's

I went to Bread Winner's for dinner with two good girlfriends who also enjoy good food. We went to the location at Lovers' and Inwood, although there is also one on McKinney Ave. The two locations are very different in layout, but the food is equally amazing at both!
I ordered the spinach artichoke dip as an appetizer. It was fantastic, with a very cheesy crust on top. It was served with toasted flatbread, thank goodness! (My big pet peeve is when restaurants serve this dip with tortilla chips.)
I was in the mood for a salad, so I ordered the Honey Glazed Salmon salad. Yum! The salmon was cooked perfectly, flaky and flavorful. The greens were dressed with a lemon shallot vinagerette, the perfect compliment! The salad also includes asparagus, red onion, and mandarin oranges. They only thing I could think that would have made it better was toasted walnuts or goat cheese. But the fat in the salmon made up for the absence of cheese or nut. :)
My friends ordered the garlic chicken pasta and I heard nothing but rave reviews.
I was too stuffed to eat dessert right away, but the cakes, pies, and cookies displayed in the bakery part of the restaurant looked too good to pass up! I took home a slice of Chocolate Seduction cake to enjoy later. Big surprise, Michael ate most of the generous slice! But I managed to sneak in a few bites, and what amazing bites they were! Layers of chocolate cake are alternated with layers of white chocolate cake, and the bottom layer is basically a brownie. Mmmmm....I was in chocolate heaven!

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