Thursday, December 11, 2008

Larry's Big Adventure

Monday night: I got home from work late (almost 1am) and had gotten in a minor traffic accident on the way home. I was freaked out and in a bad mood about having to be back at work at 8am. In addition, our apartment was burning up because the heat was on but it was warm out. Michael had opened the windows and patio to get some breeze going. When I got in bed, I realized I hadn't seen Larry but didn't make much of it.

Tuesday morning: Larry didn't come for breakfast and I got worried. I searched the apartment (it is not unusual for him to get accidentally shut in a closet) but he was nowhere to be found. I got Michael up and we looked outside. I got ready and left for work. When Larry had still not turned up by about noon, I left work. Michael had made up some fliers and talked to our neighbors. I walked the complex with food and catnip. No sign of him.

Wednesday: More searching, more fliers. Still no sign of Larry. Michael and I picked up three new collars and I cried in Wal-Mart because what if we didn't need the third one?

Thursday: I took a quick walk around the back part of the complex, then to the office. The complex employees asked if we had found him yet and told us that the maintenance workers were on the lookout. My mom offered to take me out for the day to cheer me up. We decided to head to the DMA for lunch and the King Tut exhibit. Not long after we entered the exhibit, my mom was digging through her purse and said she couldn't find her wallet. We were retracing our steps as she pulled stuff out of her bag. She looked at her phone and she had a text from Michael: "Tell Becca I found Larry!"
Michael heard meowing and went outside to investigate. Larry was hiding under our downstairs neighbor's grill. Who knows where he had been because he was filthy and scared. Now he is bathed, fed and sleeping in my lap. :)

Note: My mom's wallet turned up in her purse.

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Aria said...

Welcome Home, Larry. Welcome Home.

Did you sing "Smelly Cat" to him upon his return? :)

Kristin (kekis) said...

Glad you're home, Larry! You gave your parents (and all their friends) quite a scare. Bad boy, Larry. Now go love on your mommy. She'll give you some treats, I'm sure!

House of Brodt said...

So glad to here that Larry is home safe and sound!

amie said...

hooray! larry returns home and all is well :)