Monday, December 7, 2009

Bronson Sellers Smith

We said goodbye to a friend today. Bronson passed away December 1, 2009 and his funeral was today.
Bronson and I went to elementary school together and then he wound up in our extended circle of friends once we were grown. Bronson had a wicked sense of humor and a generous spirit. He would go out of his way to help somebody out or just put a smile on their face when they were down.
After the funeral, a big group of us decided to go to Snuffers to eat, drink and share our best memories of Bronson. (In fact, there might have been some shots taken in the parking lot of the church. But trust me, Bronson would have wanted it that way!) We laughed until our sides hurt remembering the ways he touched our lives.
It was especially hard to say goodbye because Bronson was overcome with the demons he fought and took his own life. Suicide is so difficult to make sense of, we will never understand why he decided to leave us when so many people cared about him and would have done anything to help him.
Please keep his family in your thoughts this holiday season.

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