Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

We started off Thanksgiving Day by getting up early and heading downtown for the Turkey Trot! I did the 5K, I still do not feel ready to do an 8 mile race.

It was so crowded-- 35,000 participants not including the people (like my family) who just came for moral support. I wanted to take the DART rail downtown so that we wouldn't have to deal with parking. That was a big FAIL. As usual, DART was not prepared to deal with crowds. You would think that when you have a big event downtown and it is being advertised to take the rail downtown that DART might actually be ready. Nope. We went to the park and ride at Mockingbird Station at about 7:45 (race started at 9) because the trains were on a Sunday schedule. Meaning, there would only be two trains going downtown between 7:45 and 9:00. When we got there, we couldn't even purchase a ticket, all the machines were broken. Fail. Then we decide to go down to the platform anyway. Hey, if an official was going to stop us (which they didn't), we tried to buy a ticket! The train pulled up and (big suprise!) it was completely packed. So we gave up and drove downtown.

Guess what? Parking downtown was fine, traffic was not especially bad and there were plenty of lots with spaces available.

I found the starting line and joined the throngs of trotters. It was PACKED, we were squished together like sardines. Nobody could even start running until way past the starting line. I was so annoyed about the crowd. I know it's a family race and I shouldn't try to PR, but I had it in my head I wanted to finish in under 30 minutes, darn it! It was actually fun running downtown, people had set up along the way and there were a couple of live bands.

And to my suprise, I did PR! I finished in 29:37, I was so suprised! You can check out pictures here.
Afterwards, I went to our designated meeting spot to wait for my family. I waited and waited. Finally, I went back to the finish line and there they were, they hadn't even seen me finish! We got some free yogurt and granola, then headed out of downtown to get on with the Thanksgiving celebration.

Michael and I went to McKinney and ate with his side of the family. We had a blast, we ate delicious food and drank lots of champagne. It is just not a Baker holiday without champagne! We had so much fun visiting, but as usual, I did not have my camera with me. I hope I can get some pictures from somebody!

I am so thankful to have my health, my husband and my wonderful family! Thanksgiving is a great chance to reflect on how blessed we are.

I hope everybody had a great Thanksgiving. The holiday season is fully under way at work and I survived Black Friday weekend. Christmas is just around the corner and I can't wait!

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Kristin (kekis) said...

Congrats - I knew you could do it! I'm proud of you!