Monday, September 20, 2010

Weekend recovery

Last week's workouts:
Sunday: Rest
Monday: Run 2 miles
Tuesday: Yoga class
Wednesday: Run 3 miles
Thursday: Cardio + strength Rest
Friday: Rest
Saturday: Oktoberfest 5K!

I didn't do as well as I wanted to do in the Oktoberfest 5K, my official time was 32:22. But the free beer afterwards helped me feel better! :)

This weekend was great, we partied at Oktoberfest on Saturday night and Sunday we went to our friends' son's birthday party. Whew, I need a weekend to recover from the weekend!

This week's workout plans:
Sunday: Rest
Monday: Jay Johnson Boot Camp Cardio (only 15 minutes but after a bunch of errands this was all I could squeeze in!)
Tuesday: Lululemon yoga class
Wednesday: Run 3 miles
Thursday: Cardio + strength
Friday: Easy yoga or rest
Saturday: Run 6 miles

Saturday's run is according to my training schedule, but I don't have very high hopes that I'll be able to make it the whole distance seeing as how my last "long" runs have been big fat fails. But we shall see!

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