Saturday, January 8, 2011

Rock & Roll Half Marathon Training Week 5

Last week's workouts:
Sunday: Body by Bethenny Yoga + Strength training (I found this On Demand and actually really liked it! It's 40 minutes of yoga followed by easy strength training.)
Monday: 2 mi intervals
Tuesday: Lululemon yoga
Wednesday: Jay Johnson Boot Camp + Yoga for Runners Took a rest day to hit up happy hour with the ladies!
Thursday: 2 mi intervals Jay Johnson Boot Camp Cardio + crunches and pushups (I wanted to run but had to take my migraine meds earlier in the day so I was feeling a little loopy.)
Friday: Easy yoga or rest (35 minutes of Body By Bethenny Yoga)
Saturday: 5 mi easy

So last week didn't go exactly according to plan, but not bad overall.

This week's plan:
Sunday: Rest or easy yoga
Monday: 2 mi run
Tuesday: Lululemon yoga
Wednesday: 2 mi run
Thursday: Jay Johnson Boot Camp + Yoga for Runners
Friday: Rest or easy yoga
Saturday: 5 mi easy

So...the exact same plan as last week. :) Hope I can actually stick to it this time around!

I've been avoiding the gym since it's so crowded this time of year. I did decide to go for a run after dusk on Monday night and it wasn't that bad. I wore my new running jacket that has reflective strips on it. The road that I picked (I did an out-and-back instead of the usual loop) has streetlights and a sidewalk, so I felt pretty safe. I remembered that I have some of those clip-on blinking lights, so maybe I'll dig them out for this week's after-dark runs.

Hope everyone has a great week!

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