Thursday, November 8, 2012

Dallas Marathon Training: Week 15 complete

Last week's workouts:
Sun 10/28: YMCA Fired Up! 5K, 34:33 (a new PR... for slowest 5K time!)
Mon 10/29: Yoga Power Yoga 4, 35min
Tues 10/30: 1:10 mile repeats tempo run, 6.67 mi, 1:11
Wed 10/31: Rest Run On Social Run, 3.03 mi, 31:44
Thurs 11/1: 1:00 easy run strength training
Fri 11/2: 40 min easy run OR bike + upper body strength training 3.69 mi, 45:27
Sat 11/3: Yoga Yoga for Runners, 25 min
Sun 11/4: Dallas Running Club Half Marathon 2:11:08

Sunday's race was tough but a lot of fun! I knew I wasn't in PR shape, so I tried to stick with the 2:10 pace group (led by one of my 4:10 pace leaders, Melinda). I ended up falling a little bit behind them after the halfway point. The course was very hilly and I was really struggling, but I'm proud of myself for pushing forward at the end when I really just wanted to stop and walk.

I loved seeing so many familiar faces during the race! I got to the race pretty early and spent time chatting with fellow DRC members, talking about our race goals. My brother-in-law and nephew Luke came out to cheer for me, plus I saw lots of people from the running community. I knew Michael would be at the finish line, but so was our friend Brandon! It made me so happy to see them both, I know it was hard for Brandon to be there because he wishes he could be running with us. But considering he almost lost his life just a couple of months ago, it is amazing that he was able to be there at all!

Michael got some great pictures of me coming into the finish line, here is where I spotted them and ran over to give Brandon a high-five!

Unfortunately, I have been really sore since the race so this week's workouts have been a little lackluster. I skipped our Tuesday night group tempo run to just do an easy few miles around the neighborhood. I'm hoping for a little longer run tonight, but we'll see. I'm mainly focusing on being ready for Saturday's long run.

This week's plans/actual:
Mon 11/5: Walked, 2.28 mi 38:04
Tues 11/6: Ran, 3.13 mi 36:23
Wed 11/7: Stationary bike 15 min, 4 mi; upper body strength training
Thurs 11/8: 45 min easy run
Fri 11/9: Yoga
Sat 11/10: 18 mi easy

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Lisa said...

Congratulations on your 1/2!! Looks like you are kicking butt in your training too. :)