Wednesday, June 25, 2008

My apologies in advance

If you run into me today, you will be blinded by my pasty white legs. But it is too darn hot to wear jeans, so I brought out my cute khaki skirt to wear while running errands. Fish-belly whiteness aside, my legs are getting into pretty good shape so it's not all bad.

Speaking of which, a quick boot camp update. Today was an odd boot camp day. Normally there are around 8-10 boot campers, but today it was just me, one new lady and the instructor! I guess everyone is on vacation! It was actually kind of nice, it felt like we had a personal trainer. I found out today that I have been doing pushups wrong. Well, not wrong, but I do them to where my hands are just under my shoulders which apparently only works your triceps. Once the instructor showed me how wide to put my hands apart, I felt a huge difference in my shoulders and chest. (Of course, the good news is that my triceps are very strong!)

So as we're going the new lady was keeping up really well, you could tell she was in good shape. I still felt good because we were about on the same level, as opposed to me being way behind everyone else. Then about halfway through class she told the instructor she'd had major surgery just a couple of weeks remove cancer. So yeah, I'm still the most out of shape person in the class. But Sarah was really an inspiration, she could have taken the opportunity to be as lazy as she felt like but she was very determined to get back into top shape. Way to go, Sarah!

Summer movie review time! We went to the Studio Movie Grill to see Get Smart and it was hilarious! I used to love the original TV show when I was a kid and they did a great job of updating it. The food at the SMG was good, too, and thumbs up for getting to drink at the movies!
Next up on our summer to-see list: The Dark Knight! Can't wait!

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Kristin (kekis) said...

Good thing I didn't join you for boot camp. There wouldn't have been enough people to carry my dead body away. :)