Wednesday, June 4, 2008

A swift kick...

So in the last year or so I've gotten a little lazy with my workouts. I've always been pretty active, on the swim team in high school and a regular at the YMCA over the years. My years without a car gave me ample opportunity to work my legs and working in retail has kept me moving pretty constantly. But lately work and my commute have left me drained, with not much extra energy.
So I decided to check out a boot camp class at the Y. When I showed up, it was all soccer moms and they assured me it wasn't too hard. Since I was the only newbie, the instructor asked me if I like to run. In my head, I thought, "I hate it" but out loud I said, "It's fine."
"Good, as long as you don't hate it, you'll be fine!"
Sure enough, on our "warm-up" run I was gasping for air as the other participants breezily chatted about what their kids were doing for the summer. The instructor tried to stay with me and chit-chat but I couldn't even speak.
Then it was on to calesthenics: lunges, squat thrusts, tricep dips and some other stuff, I think I blacked out. I had to take more breaks than the others, but I stuck it out until the end! The class was definitely a wake-up call, my butt needs to get back in shape. So my goal is to go to the class every week (assuming Wednesdays continue to be my day off, which I don't forsee changing anytime soon), at least for the summer.
Wish me luck!
As my reward for sticking through the class, I took myself to see the Sex and the City movie. It was great!

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