Saturday, February 12, 2011

Rock & Roll Half Marathon Training week 10

My plans got kind of messed up last week, but I still got most of my workouts in:
Sun: 2.35 mi intervals on treadmill
Mon: 2 mi Rest (dinner plans got rescheduled)
Tues: Power yoga 2.2 mi treadmill intervals
Wed: 2 mi Body by Bethenny yoga
Thurs: Yoga or rest 2.5 mi treadmill intervals
Fri: Yoga or rest
Sat: 7 miles

Saturday's run was tough since I hadn't run outside in over a week, but I got it done.

This week's plan:
Sun: Yoga
Mon: Treadmill intervals
Tues: Lululemon yoga
Wed: Treadmill intervals
Thurs: Yoga or rest
Fri: Yoga or rest
Sat: 8 miles

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