Sunday, February 6, 2011


Last week's workouts were a major fail:
Sun: Yoga for Runners podcast
Mon: 2 mi run intervals
Tues: Power yoga (Yoga Sculpt On Demand)
Wed: Rest (we have dinner plans) Made up a living room circuit because I had cabin fever so bad.
Thurs: 2 mi run Body by Bethenny Yoga
Fri: Yoga Rest
Sat: 7 mi run 10 min Stairmaster; Yoga for Runners podcast

Monday night and Tuesday were hail and ice, Wednesday we still had ice plus rolling blackouts; Thursday was still icy; Friday it snowed all day. Saturday things started to thaw out but there was still ice on the ground. I tried to get to the Y on Saturday to see if I could salvage a run on the treadmill but all the other runners in my 'hood had the same idea.

The Y wasn't nearly as bad today, I was able to get a treadmill without having to fight anyone for it. So, we'll just call this past week my rest week and work ahead for the rest of training, okay?

This week's plan:
Sun: 2.35 mi intervals on treadmill
Mon: 2 mi
Tues: Power yoga
Wed: 2 mi
Thurs: Yoga or rest
Fri: Yoga or rest
Sat: 7 miles

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