Sunday, October 23, 2011

13.1 Half Marathon Race Report

Last week's workouts:

Sun 10/16: Power Yoga (found this on Exercise TV, 44 min)
Mon: 10/17: 3 mi easy + Power yoga class
Tues 10/18: Rest or easy yoga
Wed: 3 mi easy
Thurs: 2 3 mi easy + strength training
Fri: Rest or easy yoga Yoga for Runners Podcast
Sat: Race Day!

The 13.1 Dallas race was great! This was the first year of this race so there were a couple of very minor hiccups. For example, the directions for the morning of the race were not good but luckily it was very easy to figure out the correct place for us to be. The course was awesome! We started and finished in front of the Performing Arts Center downtown, went through Uptown and Highland Park, down the Katy Trail and through downtown again.

There was not a lot of spectator support but two of my favorite spectators came out-- my mom and dad! They haven't been able to come to many of my races but they planned out where they would be very carefully. My dad waited on one corner and signaled to my mom to be ready with her camera. They got a good shot of me going by.

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(Can somebody please explain the flip-flop things they guy behind me is wearing?! Not long after this point, he took them off and put them on his belt and continued barefoot. I left him behind after a while so I'm not sure if he finished barefoot or what.)

One thing I really liked about the race was that every mile marker had a clock with the time on it from the gun time. Since there were not corralled start waves, I knew I wasn't far behind the gun time and had a good idea of how I was doing. I put some time in the bank early in the race so I knew I was going to finish with a good time as long as I didn't run out of steam. As we came off the Katy Trail at about the 11 mile marker, there was an awesome drumline! It really pumped me up for those last couple of miles. The last mile was the only place I stopped to walk briefly, we had to go uphill for a lot of the mile and there were also several turns. Every time I thought I was going to turn and see the finish line, there was still further to go!

I finished in 2:05:59, well ahead of my goal for this race!

However, I had major stomach issues this race. My stomach was upset starting at about the halfway point, but not bad enough for me to stop. However, I was very sick at my stomach for the rest of the day. I remembered that my stomach had gotten upset after the Wounded Warrior half marathon in June. After wracking my brain, I finally realized that both times I had taken ibuprofen prior to racing- something I don't do before training runs. According to Dr. Google, doing so can be bad for your GI tract. Um, who knew? Not me. So I hope I have figured out the solution to my stomach issues. Luckily, that is an easy fix! I took the ibuprofen to ward off any knee inflammation but the GI issues are much worse to deal with.

My next half is in six weeks! I think I have enough time to recover and be able to have a good race at White Rock.

This week's plans:
Sunday 10/23: Rest
Monday 10/24: Power Yoga
Tuesday 10/25: 3 mi run
Wednesday 10/26: Yoga
Thursday 10/27: 3 mi run
Friday 10/28: Yoga
Saturday 10/29: Four Seasons Cool 10K

I've never done a 10K before and this one happens to fit into my training plan very well.

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