Sunday, October 30, 2011

White Rock Half Marathon Training: Week 1 complete

Last week:
Sunday 10/23: Rest
Monday 10/24: Power Yoga
Tuesday 10/25: 3 2.7 mi run
Wednesday 10/26: Yoga (Yoga Sculpt On Demand, 30 min)
Thursday 10/27: 3 mi run (I did this one on the treadmill, first time in months! I did intervals and then finished off at an easy pace. Not as bad as I thought it would be!)
Friday 10/28: Yoga Rest
Saturday 10/29: Four Seasons Cool 10K

The 10K was really fun! I started off a little annoyed, though.

First, they were out of small and medium shirts when I picked up my race packet (I had requested a small, but I can do a medium if it's a cotton shirt). So the man helping me gave me a large and said to bring it to the race to exchange it. Well, on race day they only had XL left! They said I could turn mine in and put my name on a rain check list but I decided just to hang onto it and gave it to Michael. Really, not that big of a deal. Both the volunteers I dealt with were very nice and apologetic.

Second, the parking situation was a little confusing. The race started and finished at the Four Seasons in Las Colinas, so I entered at the main gate as did a bunch of other people in front of me and behind me. However, that was not where we were supposed to park and we were instructed by the security guard to turn around and he gave us directions on where to go. There were lots of signs *after* the main gate, but having them before would have been good. Again, the security guard was very nice even though I'm sure he had to give the same instructions about a million times!

Other than those two blips, the race went great! It was soooo cold, about 40 degrees when we started. I wore my new Athleta Relay capris and a C9 half zip top layered over a short-sleeved t-shirt. Even though I was freezing waiting for the race to start, this turned out to be perfect and I wasn't too hot as I warmed up.

One thing I really liked was that on the main stage, the woman MC-ing led us in a little warm-up routine of dance moves and stretches as we waited to line up at the start. Her energy was great and it was a good distraction from the cold!

The course was super, super hilly! (Blonde moment: I had never thought about the fact that the area is named Las Colinas until this race. All of a sudden the light bulb over my head turned on and I thought, "Oh! It's the hills in Spanish!" Duh.) The rolling hills coupled with the fact that it was my first 10K made me unsure about what goal I should set for myself, but I decided an hour would be realistic. The course was very nice, through the surrounding neighborhoods and close to the golf course in the resort. No crowd support but that's probably not normal for such a short race. There were a few water stations, I think I only got water twice. It was an out-and-back course so I was able to see how many people were ahead of me as I came to the turnaround. Each mile was marked with a sign.

As I passed the 5 mile mark I realized how great I still felt and decided to pick up the pace. As we turned back into the resort, there was one last awesome volunteer who was directing traffic leaving the parking lot. She was cheering for every person that passed her and it gave me the push I needed to really pick it up for a strong finish! (As I left the parking lot, she was still cheering for the last finishers!)

My finish time was 58:03, 6th in my age group! I was very happy with my time, and I love that it's an automatic PR!

The festival afterwards looked like fun, with a dog costume contest and pumpkin painting. Since I had come by myself I didn't really feel like staying long but I loved seeing all the costumes and activities.

That was a pretty long review, but I had a great time at this race! I would definitely do it again next year.

This week's plans:
Sun 10/30: Yoga
Mon10/31: 3 mi run + power yoga class
Tues 11/1: 3 mi run
Wed 11/2: Yoga
Thurs 11/3: 3 mi run + strength training
Fri 11/4: Yoga or rest
Sat 11/5: 8 mi run

I might also try to get a bike ride in somewhere, I need to do cardio crosstraining.

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