Sunday, November 20, 2011

White Rock Half Marathon Training: Week 4 complete

Last week:
Sunday 11/13: Yoga for Runners, 25 min
Monday 11/14: 3 mi run
Tuesday 11/15: Yoga Dynamic Flow On Demand, 43 min
Wednesday 11/16: 3 mi run + upper body strength training
Thursday 11/17: 3 mi run + strength training 2.35 mi run
Friday 11/18: Yoga or rest Yoga for Runners, 25 min
Saturday 11/19: 10 mi run

The cooler weather has left Dallas, Saturday morning's run was humid and warmer (65-70 degrees). It was also windy, which actually helped keep me a little cool.

This week is Thanksgiving! Do you splurge or try to keep up your healthy habits during this food-centric holiday? I lean towards the healthier parts of the traditional feast like roasted turkey breast, lightened sweet potatoes and steamed green beans. I usually don't go too crazy with the heavier parts of the meal.

We are starting off this Thanksgiving doing the Turkey Trot downtown (just the 5K). I have done it once before and it's a great way to start off the holiday!

This week's plans:
Sunday 11/20: Yoga
Monday 11/21: 3 mi run
Tuesday 11/22: Yoga
Wednesday 11/23: 3 mi run
Thursday 11/24: Turkey Trot 5K
Friday 11/25: Rest or yoga
Saturday 11/26: 10 mi run

Saturday will be my last long run before the White Rock Half! I'm getting very excited.

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