Saturday, October 2, 2010

Stay safe out there!

Sunday: Rest
Monday: Run 2 miles + strength training
Tuesday: Lululemon yoga
Wednesday: Run 3 miles
Thursday: Cardio + strength Rest
Friday: Rest or easy yoga Shiva Rea Daily Energy yoga
Saturday: Scheduled to do 7 miles, which at this point is laughable. 5 miles

This week actually felt like fall! The weather has been amazing, I did all my runs outside this week. I know I am still behind on my half-marathon training but I had to be happy with 5 miles on the Katy Trail. It's the longest run I've been able to do so far and I felt strong through the whole thing. Yay!

A high school friend of ours was in a serious accident
on the Katy Trail this week.

It has served as a reminder for me to be very aware of my surroundings, especially since the Katy Trail can get very crowded when the weather is nice. I normally don't run with headphones in my neighborhood for fear of not being able to hear a car, but I usually do on the trail because I assume it's safer. However, yesterday I did my run without any music and it was actually nice to just listen to the sounds of nature around me.

Lauren's accident has really touched off a debate between cyclists and runners in Dallas where there was already a significant amount of tension. I hope what happened can serve as a reminder to all of us that without a lot of greenways, we must learn to share what we have.

Everyone should be able to exercise outside and enjoy nature, but please be safe while you do it!

This week's plan:

Sunday: Rest (although I'll be lugging multiple loads of laundry up and down stairs, so I think that counts for something!
Monday: Run 2 miles
Tuesday: Lululemon yoga
Wednesday: Run 3 miles
Thursday: Rest
Friday: Yoga
Saturday: Should be an easy 3 mile run but I will try to do a longer run to make up for the ones I've missed!

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